Role of Sunshine Teachers

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Our Sunshine teachers:

  • Show passion for working with young children
  • Provide appropriate challenge and support for each child to grow academically and socially
  • Balance the needs of children individually and the group as a whole
  • Understand the developmental, social, and academic strengths and challenges of each child
  • Give adequate time for children to think and reason
  • Foster independence and curiosity
  • Implement a developmentally appropriate “child-centered” program that addresses the social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs of young children
  • Afford learning opportunities that are hands on, collaborative, and invite shared interactions
  • Develop a core curriculum centered on thematic ties throughout subject areas around which all of the different learning activities are organized
  • Follow the passions of children through an emergent curriculum
  • Establish classroom routines and behavioral guidelines to provide a framework for expectations
  • Collaborate with colleagues to develop an integrated program
  • Model kindness, consideration, and respect
  • Learn through discovering new information alongside the children
  • Equip children with problem solving strategies
  • Encourage children to solve conflicts on their own
  • Invite children to ask questions and take risks; honor learning through mistakes
  • Build strong partnerships with parents and guardians