Why choose Brentwood Sunshine Preschool?

As you think about where to start the school experience for your child, ask yourself who you hope your child will be as a learner.

Would you want these first steps in learning to support children who:

  • Are excited about learning and thinking
  • Show respect towards peers and adults
  • Are able to express their ideas and feelings to others
  • Can collaborate within a group
  • Are interested in how things in the world work
  • Love being outside, and notice signs of nature and feel a sense of stewardship
  • Respect the differences between people
  • Have the confidence to lead and to follow others
  • See themselves as scientists, musicians, artists, mathematicians, storytellers and writers
  • Are energized and motivated to take on challenging work and ideas
  • Are able to stick with a task even when it is difficult
  • Love coming to school every day!

Sunshine staff members understand that young children need support in learning to respect each other, adults, and themselves.

They know that at the heart of a great preschool is a commitment to knowing each child well, to creating a program that engages each child in thinking and asking questions, and to promoting independence and the ability to persist when figuring things out.  We help our students become independent learners who know their ideas matter. We know they learn best by doing, experimenting, and observing.

Our teachers are masters of knowing what young children need and teaching in a way that builds keen intellects and thoughtful, caring individuals.  Each teacher knows how to understand the needs and complexities of child development in Toddlers and Preschoolers.  We know how important it is to work in partnership with parents.

We are committed to using research about the best practices in early childhood education to shape our program, and to continually improve it.