Volunteering in the Classroom

Room Parents

What better way to know what’s going on in your child’s classroom than becoming a Room Parent? In each class, there are two Room Parents who disseminate information to the parents in their class. Room parents help coordinate class parties, send reminders to parents who have signed up for a classroom activity, help find parents to sign up for activities as needed, and are point persons for parents who may have questions. For the Toddler Program, there is one parent who takes on this role for all of the Toddler classes.

  • Open to All Classes


Twice per month, a parent comes to the classroom for 30 minutes to teach a cooking class. Parent volunteers bring the idea (healthy!), the ingredients, and the supplies. We work to have the children learn about fun, healthy snacks. Please discuss your cooking idea with your child’s teacher beforehand.

  • Open to All Preschool Classes


This classroom small group writing and drawing activity lets parents come into the classroom to help children expand their writing and drawing skills, as well as encourage them to use their imagination. A parent attends class for approximately 45 minutes for this activity. Journaling is an opportunity for children to get their ideas on paper, and is also a wonderful way to model writing to children (e.g., left to right directionality). In addition, children get to see their words on paper and develop an understanding that, as their story is read back to them, the written word doesn’t change. This is an important concept for children to grasp as they work on their pre-literacy skills. You will assist the children in putting their creative ideas and words on paper – it is nothing but pure FUN!

  • Open to the Panda, Dalmatian & Zebra Classes

Parent Share

This wonderful opportunity invites parents to come to the classroom for approximately 20-30 minutes and entertain the children however you wish. Feel free to read them a story, talk about your career, play an instrument or have a friend play, do an art project, share an interesting hobby or show them a few tricks you have up your sleeve. The ideas are endless…whatever you think would stimulate and fascinate your child’s classmates. The children are always excited when their parents come to school, so this is a treasured option for volunteering. Please discuss your parent share idea with your child’s teacher beforehand.

  • Open to All Preschool Classes

Yearbook Class Coordinator

The Sunshine Yearbook captures the students as they work and play throughout the year. If you want to be one of the people responsible for making this end of the year treasure perfect, then sign up to be your class’s yearbook coordinator. As a yearbook coordinator, you will be in charge of ensuring that the feeling of the class’s day-to-day life is captured, along with the special events and Enrichment activities during the year. You will coordinate with the photographer to capture cherished memories. You can also choose to photograph events yourself. Which means, YES!, you can attend your child’s event. Events include parties, enrichment activities, holiday affairs and many other significant experiences at Sunshine. As the chair, you have the fun of putting together the class yearbook. You are supported by the Yearbook Chairs and School Director. Sunshine works to make sure all children are represented in the yearbooks.

  • One position open for each class
  • Open to all Preschool Classes
  • Knowledge of photo editing and yearbook editing software are useful

Yearbook Photographer/Videographer

Do you have a passion for photography? Do you like to capture all the beautiful childhood memories of your son/daughter? Or do you simply like to spend time with him/her while they are at school? Then sign up for the yearbook photographer/videographer committee. In this role, you will be one of 2 or 3 photographers for your class. Which means – ABSOLUTELY! – you can attend your child’s class to see the interworkings of the class and attend special events! Events include parties, enrichment activities, holiday affairs and many other significant experiences at Sunshine. Yearbook class chairs work with you to setup a schedule of class events coverage for the year. Your job as a photographer/videographer is easy: just point, snap, and send your edited photos and mini videos for each event to your yearbook class chair AND Sunshine Community Website within one week of the event.

  • Up to 3 positions open for each class
  • Open to all Preschool classes
  • Knowledge of picture/video transfer and uploading are useful
  • Knowledge of photo editing is useful

Class Parties

We have so much to be grateful for and so many reasons to celebrate. By signing up to assist with one of the all-class parties throughout the year, you may be able to take on one of the following roles: Party Coordinator, Emcee, Holiday Treat/Snack, Adult Treat/Snack, Fruit, Party Décor, Party Accessories or Gifts….or even to be Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny! If you are at all hesitant, remember that ONLY the parents who sign up as volunteers are permitted to attend most class parties.

Parent Enrichment

Enrichment activities are one of the ways we open the world to our students. The children learn about many different cultural events, discover how their peers and teachers celebrate religious, seasonal and holiday observances. Parent volunteers are needed to help coordinate the many Enrichments throughout the year. You can volunteer to help set up and coordinate events like Lunar New Year, Diwali, Eid, Navruz, or Christmas.

  • Open to all Preschool classes

Holiday Appreciation

Because we are a diverse and eclectic mix of families at Sunshine, we want to celebrate and honor all events and religious affairs that are meaningful and sacred to our student body. By signing up to participate on one of these days, you will be able to share your knowledge of this holiday with your child’s class. Your participation may include bringing in a relevant Holiday snack or refreshment, decorating the school or perhaps sharing a story about this unique day with your child’s class. The possibilities are endless, and because this day is significant to YOU, we will happily take your feedback and suggestions for making it special.

Leadership and Committee Opportunities

Hearts and Flowers Care Chair

The purpose of Sunshine’s Hearts and Flowers is to look after our own families. The chair quietly works with the Director and Office Manager to identify families who have needs during challenging, pivotal and/or emotional times, such as births, illnesses, or other life events. If you like to shop to find special remembrances to brighten someone’s day, then you are just right for this position.

Staff Lunches

You have the chance to put a HUGE smile on the staff’s faces by providing them a sensible and tasty meal. Twice a month, a casual lunch is provided for all of our wonderful staff, and, by participating in this activity, you can really show the Sunshine staff how much you care for them. The Staff Lunch Chair will contact you (and the other parents who signed up that month) in advance, make suggestions for what you can provide and answer any questions you may have.

Staff Lunch Chair

The Staff Lunch Chair is the point person for information regarding staff lunches. Twice a month, the Chair emails information to the parents who are signed up and provides suggestions and answers questions. The primary responsibility of this position is to check SignUpGenius regularly to see who is signed up, send out the email reminder to the appropriate parents, and be in communication with Sunshine Administration.

Community Service Committee

In addition to taking care of our own student body, Sunshine believes in helping local charities who deeply rely on our time, money and support. Past programs have included book drives, canned food drives, toy drives, Holiday gift collections and transitional housing baskets. Sunshine wants to help those charities who need it most, as well to teach our children how important it is to give. Members of the committee will work with the Director to identify service options for our students and their families. This will also include deepening our connection to the Early Childhood Education Center at Proyecto Pastoral.

Head Room Parents

Each year, there are two Head Room Parents for the Preschool. The Head Room Parents are the liaison between the school Director and the Room Parents for each classroom. Head Room Parents provide information and support to the Room Parents throughout the year. Responsibilities include meetings with the Director and Room Parents, emailing information, and working to fill parent-volunteering positions.